Admission Procedure

Prospectus for the admission to the Diploma Courses 2022-23, which has been approved by the Government of Kerala, is published herewith. It contains general information and rules related to the admission and other connected matters. Candidates are required to go through the prospectus carefully and acquaint themselves with all the relevant information relating to the admission. The Prospectus issued in earlier years is not valid for the year 2022-23.

The prospectus sets out the rules and regulations for the selection and admission for the Six Semester Diploma Programmes conducted by various Polytechnic Colleges under the Department of Technical Education within the state of Kerala. Admissions to these Programmes are regulated on the basis of merit as assessed by giving weightage to the marks/grades obtained in the qualifying examination.

Single Window System for Online Polytechnic Admission

Polytechnic Admission process is automated and conducted through a web based single window system. Application, design, development and implementation of the admission process are handled by SITTTR by the in-house development team. More details are also available in Admission web sites, its link in our QUICK LINKS